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8X4 – Don’t Stop Yourself!


A DEO BRAND FRESHENS UP 8X4 is a deodorant with a long tradition. Perhaps that’s exactly why many people rather associate it with a stuffy sports dressing room than with a cool lifestyle- brand – and why the brand was in danger of choking. Our challenge was no less than this: To turn 8X4 into a modern premium deodorant brand with a purpose that can reach Gen Z. And this in a highly competitive market where over 60% of users are constantly changing their deodorant. Our reasoning: Gen Z wants products tailored to their needs and brands with values. So, we invented the most personalized deo in the world: “Because when I feel protected, it gives me the confidence to do exactly my thing.” Our solution: Don't stop yourself! We found extraordinary personalities who are currently facing a great challenge and who have to overcome obstacles. Then we matched each of them with a fragrance and gave them space to tell their authentic stories: Theo is a boy who puts on make-up and encourages others with his tutorials to stand by themselves and their lifestyle. Deborah is a longboard dancer and a role model for female entrepreneurship. Julius is a model with burn scarswho fights against beauty ideals.We offered our protagonistst a platform to make their statement and stood behind them even when faced with headwinds. The result: Our old customer base immediately shrank – the number of new buyer groups however, has grown exponentially. Transformation into a lifestyle brand complete!

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